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Cottage Grove Weather Blog

November 4, 2021
Wednesday Nov 3, 10:00pm update: Strong winds still possible 5am-2pm tomorrow (Thursday). Strongest gusts 7am-noon.
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November 3, 2021
Wednesday Nov 3: Strong winds possible 5am-2pm tomorrow (Thursday)...Another update will be issued this evening...
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October 30, 2021
Loud boom Saturday morning was Mother Nature's wake up call! Clocks fall back NEXT Sunday (Nov 7).

A cut-off low pressure system currently centered approx 200 miles offshore of the far Northern California coast is causing instability in Oregon from about Eugene southward. This triggered one lightning strike here in Cottage Grove at 7:39 this morning. The term "cut-off" means that the system is detached, or "cut-off," from the jet stream and […]

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October 26, 2021
Typical Oregon fall weather for the next 7-10 days

We certainly escaped the worst impacts from the Sunday-Monday record strong storm system (lowest barometric pressure). Winds gusted 60 to 80 mph along the coast on Sunday (Newport recorded an 82 mph gust), with winds locally inland peaking at 30-40 mph (30 mph in Cottage Grove, 41 mph at the Creswell Airport). Most of the […]

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October 24, 2021
Very strong storm will affect the area through Monday; Halloween possibly dry

Although this storm system is within the top 3 strongest on record, it's beginning to slowly weaken. The worst part will not affect our area, since the main low pressure center is about 400-500 miles NW of us (as of 10am Sunday). Periods of rain/showers, possibly heavy at times, can be expected through Monday. It […]

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October 22, 2021
More rain, breezy-windy at times over the weekend and early next week.

What: Wind gusts up to 20-25 mph possible on Saturday, then up to 25-35 mph on Sunday (a few gusts to 40 mph not out of the question on Sunday). The series of storms continues with four more strong systems set to bring periods of rain and showers to the region through Tuesday. Snow levels […]

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October 21, 2021
Series of storm systems to continue impacting the area Thursday afternoon through Tuesday, some may be strong

What: Enjoy our break right now between storms, as a series of four medium to strong strength low pressure systems are set to affect the region Thursday afternoon or evening through Tuesday. Periods of rain, breezy-windy conditions at times, and snow above 5000-6000'. It will also be noticeably cooler Saturday into next week. Timing: Storm […]

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October 18, 2021
Series of storms over the next 10-days!

What: A series of four to five medium to strong strength low pressure systems will affect the region Tuesday night through Sunday, resulting in periods of rain, breezy conditions at times, and snow above 5000-6000'. These are not expected to be very cold systems, but total new mountain snow at the higher elevations could reach […]

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October 15, 2021
La Nina conditions present, rain on Sunday, periodic storms through end of month

La Nina: We've been talking a lot about La Nina lately. The latest data updated just yesterday shows that the atmosphere is now "linked" (responding to) La Nina conditions. La Nina has three different strengths, each of which generally have different impacts across the Pacific Northwest and Western Oregon. The majority of data and models […]

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October 13, 2021
Dry breaks with periodic storm systems to continue over the next 10-14 days + Nov-Jan Outlook + La Nina update

This is time of year when the computer models can get a little goofy, due to the change of seasons and increased contrast between cold air to the north and warm air to the south. To no surprise, this morning's computer model data is all over the place. Therefore, the forecast over the next 7-10 […]

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