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Cottage Grove Weather Blog

1 day ago
Snow Potential Late Saturday and Sunday?

For those of you not in the Facebook Weather Group, the community posted dozens of snow pictures from yesterday's snow. Everyone enjoyed seeing them all! This weekend, I'll put them into a collage here on the website and send out a post with them all so you can check them out (I'll be sure to […]

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3 days ago
Still small chance of a dusting Thursday...

Snow levels will mainly stay above 1500' today, 1000' on Thursday. HOWEVER, Thursday through early Friday morning, it's possible for the snow level to drop to 600' at times if enough cold air comes in. IF anything falls below 1000', it would be light - just a dusting to an inch or so. NO WORRIES […]

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4 days ago
Only a very small chance of a dusting...

SNOW: No snowmageddon expected. Although very small chances of very light snow will exist here anytime between Thursday morning and Friday morning, the latest data shows lessor chances of snow levels dropping below 1000'. Not saying that we won't see a dusting, but chances are now smaller. Snow levels through Wednesday above 2000'. Thursday 1000-1500'. […]

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6 days ago
Colder with snow possible this week...

Do you think it will snow? Over the next 10-days, about four storm systems will affect the area. The first one is affecting us now - snow levels 2500-3000' today (Sunday). Rest of this week's snow levels below. RAIN/SNOW: Between now and Saturday, we can see a combined total of 1-3" of rain with 3 […]

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November 24, 2022
No major travel issues through Saturday. Much colder next week - snow here?

Happy Thanksgiving! Dense fog isn't expected tonight, although could see some fog ahead of a weak storm system will bring some light rain showers to the region from about mid-afternoon Friday through early Friday night. Less than 1/4" of rain with snow levels 4000-5000' (no significant snow over passes). No wind concerns. Dry Saturday, next […]

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November 22, 2022
Travel + Local Weather Update

Green Light through Friday: No significant weather related travel impacts through Friday. Yellow Light Saturday-Monday: Some weather-related impacts expected. Impacts include snow potential for all regional passes and gusty winds to 35 or 40 mph at times. Saturday night or Sunday through Monday will likely have periods of snow on the passes, including at the […]

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November 20, 2022
Travel Weather: the week ahead & tips to be less stressed

No significant travel-related weather impacts through Thanksgiving Day and Friday, locally and through the surrounding states (at this time). Minor impacts Sat-Sun (read below). Above freezing lows expected beginning Monday night, as Arctic Air across the region slowly mixes out. Low temps past few nights in Cottage Grove were down right cold Thur night 23 […]

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November 17, 2022
Cold Nights & Dry Through Sunday + Travel Weather

Lots to talk about so will try and make this short and sweet. Right now it looks like we'll be dry through at least Monday morning. Night/morning fog with possible slow clearing will continue over the next couple of days. Calm to very light winds with high pressure = air stagnation. Arctic Air is currently […]

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November 14, 2022
Where's the Rain?

Monday Weather Update: Cold nights with below freezing lows will continue through Saturday. Varying amounts of night/morning fog and cloudiness. As it looks right now, no signs of *significant* precipitation through the day before Thanksgiving (Wed Nov 23). Although a storm system *may* pass through next Monday, a more consistently wet pattern may develop on […]

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November 10, 2022
Quick shot of rain Friday, then dry again Saturday evening to Nov 20...

Thursday Weather Update: A weak storm system will drop 1/4" or less of rainfall Friday into early Saturday morning. This is a fast moving system, so rain / showers will develop 10am-2pm Friday and end by 10:00am Saturday (can't rule out a lingering shower into Sat afternoon). Snow levels mainly 3000-4000' Winds will be light. […]

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