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Cottage Grove Weather Blog

December 21, 2021
Snow probable during the Christmas Holiday Weekend

Tue Dec 21 SNOW UPDATE: Winter Solstice occurred this morning at 7:59am. Prepare now for possible snow during the Christmas holiday weekend and subfreezing temperatures next week. Snow is looking more probable Christmas night, Sun Dec 26, and Monday morning Dec 27. Right now, total snowfall may be around 3-10". Temperatures next week are expected to […]

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December 19, 2021
Lowland Snow Possible + Travel Impacts

Sun Dec 19: Increased snow possibilities Dec 25-29. Not hype. Will it snow here? Can't say with certainty right now, but the pattern is expected to become colder with several cold low pressure systems passing through. The predicted pattern and tracks of low pressure systems (Dec 25-29) typically cause snow levels to lower to below 1000'. […]

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December 13, 2021
Snow possible down to near 500-800' at times

Mon Dec 13 11:00am: Snow down to near 500-800' will be possible at times through tomorrow morning and again Tuesday night into mid-morning Wednesday. This is NOT looking like a snowmageddon, instead more like a dusting to an inch or two. Although best chances for snow in Cottage Grove is tonight into Tuesday morning and Tuesday […]

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December 10, 2021
Strong Storm, Update on Snow Levels

A strong low pressure system will affect the area through Sunday. Could see some minor flooding on Saturday. As of the time of this post, the best chances for snow in Cottage Grove looks to be on Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Saturday and Sunday, high temps will be around 41-46 and lows 34-38. Regarding snow […]

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December 8, 2021
Through Christmas: Cold Air, Low Snow Levels Likely

Everyone's asking if we'll see snow in and around Cottage Grove, so I'll get right to it. Cold air possibilities mentioned in posts on Nov 28, Dec 1, and Dec 6, cold air is now starting to come to fruition. Over the next 7-10 days, three to four low pressure systems will affect the PacNW […]

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December 6, 2021
Quick Update - Mon Dec 6

Snow levels gradually lower through Thursday/Friday. Looks like four storm systems will affect the region between Tuesday night and Dec 16. Tomorrow (Tuesday): snow levels above 6000' Wednesday: 3000' (may drop to 2000' at night) Thursday & Friday: 1800-2200'. May be around 1000' at times Thurs night Sat-Sun: Above 3000' Dec 13-20: At this time, […]

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December 1, 2021
Cooler temperatures and rain on the way!

Wednesday Dec 1, 2021 Update: I'm sure you've been enjoying our "balmy" weather, but that will soon change. Except for an isolated shower or sprinkles Saturday afternoon, no rain is expected through Sunday. High temperatures Thursday through Sunday will drop into the low-mid 50's with lows near 34-39. Light, mainly northerly, winds through Friday. Saturday […]

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November 28, 2021
Pattern change looking more probable: 3-5" of rain + 2-4 FEET of snow?

Where we stand with precipitation: November's going to close out with below average rainfall. Normal for the month is 6.92" and we've recorded 5.25" here in Cottage Grove. However, we had 4.55" of rainfall in October (start of the water year) when the normal is 3.67". Therefore for the Year-To-Date, we're really only behind 0.79" […]

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November 23, 2021
Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend Travel Weather *Updated Tue Nov 23*

Mountain Passes - Snow Potential Wishing you all a safe and happy Thanksgiving! No hazards, high wind, or major snow impacts expected at this time. Tonight (Tuesday) through Sunday, snow is not expected over the passes at this time. Check road conditions at CASCADE PASSES: an insignificant amount, a dusting to 2" is possible to midnight […]

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November 21, 2021
Weather + Travel conditions through the Thanksgiving holiday weekend

Mountain Passes - Snow No high wind concerns at this time. Monday and Tuesday morning, some snow is expected down to between 3500-4000'. Tuesday afternoon through Sunday Nov 28, snow is not expected over the passes at this time. Check road conditions at CASCADE PASSES: an insignificant amount, 1-3" is expected 8pm Monday evening […]

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