Refreshing Pattern Change Underway!

August 16, 2021

Yes, you saw the top image correctly: July 2021 was the hottest on record (followed by the hottest June on record across the U.S.). Finally we get to have a solid week of what a typical summer across the area should look like, compliments of a weak low pressure system that will pass through the region. No rain is expected, but we could see a little drizzle tonight and some breezes up to 15 mph at times. My last post had a chart showing that high temperatures have been mostly running above the seasonal averages since May, so cooler temperatures this week will undoubtedly be welcomed.

This morning's satellite - notice the absence of smoke across western Oregon?

Today (Monday), expect high temperatures to top off in the 80's, then mid-70's tomorrow (Tuesday). Highs Wednesday will warm into the low-mid 80's with mid-upper 80's on tap for Thursday through Saturday. Overnight lows will be nice all week, bottoming out at ~50-55.

This is the time of year where we start seeing temperatures roller-coaster. The jet stream is starting to respond to the increasing angle of the sun and the days are getting shorter. It'll gradually become easier for low pressure systems to break down stubborn high pressure. Eventually, we'll get some rain.

As it looks right now, high pressure is expected to influence our weather next week. High temperatures may again push into the lower 90's for a few days, as early as Wednesday of next week (Aug 25). However, we might only see hot temperatures for 2-3 days since the latest data hints that another refreshingly cooler pattern change is possible as we close out the month (around Sunday Aug 29). Below are just a few of the many modeled temperature predictions:

"Blend" of several models

Here's the latest on the drought:

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