Winter Storm Warning NOT for Cottage Grove! Update on Chances of Snow, Wind, Rainfall...

February 28, 2024

12:30pm Wednesday: Winter Storm Warning is for elevations above 1500', NOT for Cottage Grove (elevation 650'). Highly unlikely that we'll get more than 3-inches of snow or wind gusts above 40 mph. Details on snow / winds:

  • Thursday night/Friday morning: TINY CHANCE for a dusting.
  • Friday night/Saturday morning: FAIR CHANCE for a dusting to 1-3" max.
  • Saturday night/Sunday morning: FAIR CHANCE for a dusting to 1-3" max.
  • Breezy to low end Windy at times through Saturday; wind gusts up to 25-35 mph possible. Strong winds highly unlikely.
  • Total Rainfall through Sunday: 1.50-2.50".

That's how it looks now. Next update on Friday morning to address snow possibilities for Fri/Sat nights. If there's changes for Thursday night, will put out an update by 1:00pm (Thurs).

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