Weather and Wind Update

September 9, 2022

Wind Event Update (8:30am Friday):

  • Strongest winds are expected NORTH of Lane County where 50-55 mph gusts will be common near the Cascade ridges. Here in Lane County, winds near the crests can gust up to 40-45 mph. This is NOT as strong of an event as 2020.
  • Timing: Strongest winds will be from 2:00pm to 8:00am Saturday (18 hours). Late Saturday morning and early afternoon, winds rapidly decrease and even shift direction at some point Sat afternoon or evening. So we just got to get to 8:00am Saturday and then we can begin to relax as the worst of the winds will then be behind us.
  • Smoke / Air Quality: Winds lowing from the east is transporting smoke from the Cedar Creek Fire (east of Oakridge) into our area. The smoke is mostly 2000-5000' above us, but could mix down to ground level. If this occurs, air quality could worsen into the moderate or unhealthy levels. This will NOT be like 2020.
  • Fire Danger: Red Flag Warning to 11:00pm Saturday. Fire Danger is Extreme (highest level).
  • Temperatures: Highs mid 90's to near 100 today and Saturday. Smoke may filter out enough sunlight which would cause highs to be a little cooler. Saturday is expected to be the hottest day. Sunday, mid 80's to near 90, then a BIG cool down next week with 70's by Wednesday! Also, no more 90 degree heat after Sunday until next year!!!
  • Rain: Our first fall-like storm system is expected to arrive next Friday (Sept 16). The first light rain of the season should also occur with this system.
  • Power Outages: Power companies have said that they may turn the power out in certain areas if conditions warrant. Be mindful of this. Cottage Grove has not been specifically mentioned, but the surrounding foothill areas have.
  • Check out ( and click on the menu for fire and emergency preparedness information.
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