Updates Reactivated!

January 20, 2024

At least one-hundred people reached out to me just before and during the Ice Storm, asking if this page and the Facebook Cottage Grove Weather and Emergency Preparedness group could go active and if I can post. As you know, I moved to the coast (just over an hour's drive), which is why I deactivated this website and the Facebook group page. But, I can do weather from anywhere as long as I can access specific data online. KNND and Earthlick.net stepped forward to sponsor the costs of maintaining this website. As for my time, I'll continue doing this at no cost, as a service to the community.

It's like we've became family over the years, so I've agreed to continue the weather updates as follows:

  1. During times of potentially significant weather or emergency events, I'll put out updates as needed before and during the event. If warranted, an "all clear" will be sent out.
  2. When there's no emergency or significant weather events, let's do about one update per week just to check in, say hi, and give a quick weather update.
  3. Most of you said that the maps and data that I provided were valuable and informative. I'll continue to occasionally do this - for you!
  4. I'm looking into having a couple of other people put out emails, from time to time, with valuable information. The goal is to assist you in preparedness by providing useful and simple information that makes sense.

Please keep in mind that I am a Meteorologist and work fulltime. Updates will be emailed between noon and 2:00pm -or- after 4:00pm.

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