Travel Weather: the week ahead & tips to be less stressed

November 20, 2022

No significant travel-related weather impacts through Thanksgiving Day and Friday, locally and through the surrounding states (at this time). Minor impacts Sat-Sun (read below). Above freezing lows expected beginning Monday night, as Arctic Air across the region slowly mixes out. Low temps past few nights in Cottage Grove were down right cold Thur night 23 Fri night 19 last night (Sat) 20. Downtown was a few degrees warmer.

Tuesday evening - Wednesday morning: A weak storm system will bring light rain/shower chances north of Grants Pass. Whatever falls here will be light - 1/10" or less. No major travel impacts to the north. Snow levels above the passes.

Wednesday evening - Thanksgiving Day: Dry.

Friday: A weak system may bring some light rain or showers during the morning and afternoon hours. Nothing big, snow levels above the passes.

Saturday-Sunday: Two storm systems are expected to bring rain and mountain snow to the entire region. Rain locally develops Saturday afternoon with rain/showers continuing through Sunday. Total rainfall on Saturday looks to be 1/2" or less then an additional 3/4-1"+ on Sunday. Snow levels look to start off above 6000' Saturday then lower to near 4000' Sat evening or night. Around 4000 to 5000' on Sunday (may change). It could also get a little breezy (wind gusts to 20 mph), but no strong wind concerns locally. Mountain passes and the coast could have 35-45mph wind gusts at times.

For many, this is a stressful time of year for different reasons. Remember to take time out for yourself, try to smile, and don't rush. I may or may not had Christmas music blasting as I typed this post. Lots of links to travel info in the Emergency Preparedness tab on the website. Current road info here:

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