The next 10 days, Fire Update, June Outlook...

May 29, 2023

MEMORIAL DAY: Today we honor and never forget those who have sacrificed everything so that we can be free.

FIRE UPDATE: The "7k" fire, about 10 mi SW of Venita, is now 75% contained and remains at about 300 acres (per ODF, as of 8am). Contained means how much of a perimeter around the fire has been established. Smoke Sat/Sun was much less than what we saw on Friday and has mainly remained within the general proximity of the fire. Winds have also been shifting around from different directions, which has helped with not blowing smoke into our area. Winds will still shift around today but are expected to start blowing more consistently from north to south. This could bring a little smoke into the area, but not like what we saw Friday.

NEXT 10-DAYS: Nice week ahead, then warm/hot next weekend. Check out the temperature chart. High pressure will remain in control of our weather patten and keep us dry throughout the week. Next weekend, an interesting pattern sets up with some showers / thunderstorms possible in the Cascades. Since the flow at that time will be moving from east to west, will have to keep an eye for any thunderstorms drifting off the Cascades and into our area.

JUNE OUTLOOK: Not seeing any signals for a significant heatwave or a storm. Remember June 27, 2021 when we hit 108° here? At this time, I don't see any hints of an excessively hot June. That's not to say there might be an occasional day or two in the upper 80's to around 90, however.

ODF photo of the "7K" fire
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