Some light rain/showers through Monday. Dry Tuesday-Friday?

November 10, 2023

Fri Nov 10: Light rain/showers tonight through Saturday (1/10" or less). Dry most of Sunday then light rain Sunday night-Monday (around 1/4"). Snow levels 5000' or higher. No wind concerns. Looks dry (right now) Tuesday-Friday, then rainy the following weekend (Sat Nov 18). Strong storm "possible" Mon Nov 20 (more details about this in the coming days). Thanksgiving may be dry (60% chance as it looks now but could change since it's still almost two weeks out).

Precipitation: Normal precipitation for all of November is 6.92". So far 1.37" has been recorded at KNND, 3.79" on Pitcher Lane, 3.70" near Cottage Grove Lake, and 1.52" near Creswell. The large differences in rain totals is mainly due to the storm on Sat Nov 4 that caused scattered heavy showers and thunderstorms. The heaviest portion of these showers/thunderstorms passed over certain weather stations. For example, the large difference between KNND and other area weather stations is because the thunderstorm that formed had the more intense rain on the east side of Cottage Grove and not the west side.

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