Snow next week? Maybe!

February 16, 2023

Partly to mostly cloudy through Sunday; some sunny breaks, especially on Friday. No rain, very light to calm winds. The weather gets really interesting on Tuesday and Wednesday as a low pressure system with lots of cold air passes through the state. This *may* present opportunities for snow here in Cottage Grove, especially Tuesday night and Wednesday as it looks right now. Note that this system will have more moisture than the one last week. Therefore, if cold enough air is present at the right time for snow to fall here, we may see several inches more than last week. Also, it may also get breezy/windy too. Thereafter, another chance of snow "may" exist at the end of next week (low accuracy right now).

Bottom line for snow possibilities next week is that it's way too soon to say for sure if it will snow here, since ingredients will have to align just right. Therefore, will be putting up a snow poll on Sunday or Monday which is when much better data will be available as to if we need to send out a BMTP alert (Bread, Milk, Toilet Paper). But seriously, no need to worry about next week, no concerns right now of another snowmageddon. Let's just have some fun with a poll Sunday or Monday.

TEMPERATURES: Below normal temperatures are expected over the next 10-days. But Tuesday through the end of the month, temperature anomalies could be as much as 10 to 15+ degrees below normal with cold Canadian or Arctic Air possibly moving in!

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