Snow Likely & Very Cold nights!

February 21, 2023

SNOW UPDATE (11:30am Tuesday): Up to 8" of total snow remains possible in Cottage Grove, most of this occurring between tonight and Wednesday night. A rain/snow mix or light dusting is possible as early as this evening, which is when temperatures are expected to be closer to freezing (can't rule out a brief rain/snow mix before then). Also can't rule out a rumble or two of thunder through tonight. It can get breezy at times with gusts to 30 mph possible.

NOTE: Any unexpected shift of the storm system or winds could reduce or increase snow chances / predicted totals. I don't like using percentages because it confuses people, but if you twisted my arm and told me I had to give a percent chance that we'll have at least a rain snow mix or dusting I'd put that at 95%. Chances that we'll see 2-6" I would say is 60%. Chances of 7" or more is 30%. Chances of a foot is 5%. Another opportunity for snow may exist Saturday night into Sunday morning.

LOW TEMPERATURES this week will be the coldest of the season. Near 30 tonight, low/mid 20's Wednesday night, 10-15 Thursday night, near 15 Friday night, then mid 20's Saturday night.

HAZARDS: Icy roads/pavement, very cold temperatures and windchills, too cold for pets outside.

Pets left outside will be unable to maintain their body warmth, so please bring them inside. A dog house won't work because it is unheated and has an opening to allow cold air to get inside.

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