"R" word (Rain)? Typical mid-June weather expected...

June 12, 2024

Happy Wednesday! At this time, I don't see any signals of a heatwave through at least early July. Anyway, you've probably seen the "R" word (rain) in the forecast. Dry through Saturday, then on Sunday just expect some light showers between 10:00am and 10:00pm. Monday/Tuesday both look dry. Maybe a light shower or two next Wednesday. Thursday of next week into the following weekend (June 20-23) is looking dry with a gradual warming trend (but nothing drastic). All in all, typical mid-June weather!

Through the first week of July, all long range data "hint" that temperatures will be near, to perhaps a tad below, normal. This is preliminary of course, but nonetheless good news that odds of a heatwave are low. By the way, the fire danger rating across our area of Western Oregon is low and it's expected to stay this way for the next 1-2 weeks (as of this writing).

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