Pattern change next week!

October 14, 2022

Friday: Smoke & poor air quality expected today and possibly on Saturday. Sunday, the winds will start shifting around and blow less smoke into our area.

Beginning Monday, the pattern starts making major changes of low pressure in the North Pacific squashing the persistent and anomalous high pressure that's been keeping us dry. Expect rain next Friday (finally, right?). In fact, data has not only been very consistent with this pattern change, but is also indicating that a series of storms will occur next Friday through the end of the month.

Normal rainfall for the entire month of October is 3.67" and so far we've had zip / nothing / zero! BUT, check this out. The storms arriving next Friday look like they'll pack lots of moisture, which means it's possible that we may close out October with 2-3" of rain. Better than nothing! Odds still favor above average precipitation Nov, Dec, Jan.

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