No simple way to put it: HEATWAVE!

June 29, 2023

The hottest temperatures of the year will occur through Wednesday of next week. Independence Day (Tuesday) is expected to be near 100°, then a slight and gradual cooling will begin on Wednesday. Looking farther out, Bohemia Mining Days (July 13-15) will probably have high temps around the middle 80's.

Animals or children left in cars after 10:00am will have a high chance of suffering heat stroke or death EVEN WITH FOUR WINDOWS CRACKED. That quick 3-minute run into the store can easily turn into 10 or 15 minutes (long lines, bumping into a friend, etc). It's not worth the risk. Many people may not realize that it's a crime in Oregon to leave a dog or child in a hot vehicle if there's any suffering AND that it's also a crime to walk a dog on hot asphalt. Oregon House Bill 2732 allows and provides immunity for ANY PERSON to use reasonable force to enter a vehicle and remove pets or children in imminent danger of suffering harm. Don't feel bad calling 9-1-1. Check out the charts and data below.

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