No significant weather-related travel concerns thru Nov 28, pet safety info, stress coping tips...

November 19, 2023

**No significant weather-related travel concerns through the Tuesday after Thanksgiving (Nov 28) across the entire PacNW, Idaho, Nevada, and California.** All regional mountain passes will not have impactful snowfall (see next paragraph). Be mindful of ice on the roads in locations that have freezing temps and there may be areas of dense fog. High pressure will be in control of the west over the next 10-14 days, except for a minor "hiccup" on Wednesday (next paragraph).

A little "blip" on Wednesday into Thursday morning from a very weak storm system bringing a few light showers to the region. No snow on I-5 south through California. On the mountain passes north of Cottage Grove, snow is not expected to accumulate or stick.

Colder this week, below freezing lows later in the week through next weekend (lows 27-31°). Remember to keep pets inside since they won't be able to maintain their body warmth.

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