Near 100° Tuesday & Wednesday, then a little cooler (but still above normal)...

July 2, 2023

Sunday Weather Update: If you like hot temperatures, then you'll love the upcoming heat! High temps around 90° through Monday, then we'll jump into the upper 90's-near 100 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Most of us will all then appreciate the cooling trend on Thursday. Bohemia Mining Days (July 13-15) is not looking too bad right now with highs in the middle 80's.

Temperatures inside vehicles can quickly become deadly for Pets/Kids - even with the windows rolled down. Afternoon walks with Fido can be painful: asphalt reaches 125° when it's 77° outside and 135° when it's 87° outside. Skin destruction on paws occurs in just 60 seconds when the asphalt is 125° (we don't realize this because we're wearing shoes). Anyway, have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day.

The above is just one of many model-predicted 16-day temperatures. Bottom line is that, at this time, high temps are expected to be much above normal through mid-July.
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