More storms on the way! Dry Halloween?

October 23, 2022

Sunday Weather Update: Storm #1 (Fri/Sat) was a disappointment here in the Grove (we only got 0.26" of rain which is about half of what was expected). However, take a look at the precipitation totals map - notice that the mountains got some good amounts (including over the Cedar Creek Fire). Cedar Creek Fire is still smoldering but significant smoke is not expected here if the winds briefly shift (at least not like last week).

The series of storms continue: system #2 arrives on Monday, #3 on Tuesday, #4 Friday night, #5 next Sunday, and #6 on Halloween evening. Nights and early mornings will also be cold at times (see temperature predictions (mid 30's possible Wednesday night - Thursday morning). Keep scrolling down for details (forecasts are accurate as of the time of this post).

Up until Friday, if you thought that the past 60 days were really warm for this time of year, you were spot on! The darkest red in the Mean Temperature Percentile chart shows record and near record warmth for much of Oregon occurring for the entire period (as a whole) from Aug 21 through Oct 19.

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