More comfortable high temperatures through Wednesday...

June 23, 2023

Friday June 23 Weather Update: The showers and cold temperatures that we had on Monday (high was 60 and we got 1/4" of rainfall) are now a thing of the past as we're presently in a much warmer pattern. We hit 90 yesterday (Thursday), but highs will now be cooler (and more comfortable) at around 80 /low 80's through the middle of next week then start to warm again on Thursday. Check out the predicted temperature charts. Notice high temps at the end of June and in the days leading up to Independence Day may reach 90 or even the low 90's. Seeing some signals that high temperatures for Bohemia Mining Days (July 13-15) may be much cooler, in the upper 70's to around 80. In other words, right now it's not looking excessively hot during BMD weekend (preliminary). No signs of any rain at this time. For eye candy (subject to change), I've added a couple of the major extended computer model's temperature prediction charts that extend out through July 8.

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