Lows above freezing, 3 storms, a bit windy, then dry for 7-10 days...

March 9, 2024

Saturday Weather Update: Lows above freezing through at least next weekend (lows last week were mostly 25-28°). Three storms will affect the region today through Tuesday with up to 1.50" of total rainfall. Just about all of the rain will occur on Sunday and again Monday evening through Tuesday morning. It will also get a little windy here with some gusts up to 30 mph (this is not a strong wind).

Strong high pressure will give us an extended dry period of 8-10 days from Wednesday through Tuesday March 19. High temps Friday through next weekend could be near 70 (normal high is 57)! We'll probably switch back over to wet on around Thursday March 21 with a series of storms possibly bringing a good amount of rain through the end of the month.

Water year to date total rainfall is at 32.88" which is 106% of the normal to date of 31.11". Water year is Oct 1-Sept 30. Statewide snowpack varies at 101-132% of average for this time of year.

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