Lowland Snow Possible + Travel Impacts

December 19, 2021

Sun Dec 19: Increased snow possibilities Dec 25-29. Not hype. Will it snow here? Can't say with certainty right now, but the pattern is expected to become colder with several cold low pressure systems passing through. The predicted pattern and tracks of low pressure systems (Dec 25-29) typically cause snow levels to lower to below 1000'. Nearly all of the major computer models and ensembles predict lowland snow (see images), so this possibility can't be ignored (but is also not set in stone). The trend over the past 10-days has been for colder air to arrive Dec 25-29. At this time, I don't see any drastic changes that would otherwise prevent the anticipated cold air.

Meteorologists use the models as a forecasting tool, but not as "the" exclusive forecast. Regarding models, the accuracy needle points towards greater accuracy when most models agree on a general common theme (in this case the probability of lowland snow).

Check out the "Snow Levels" chart and temperatures. As you'll see, temperatures are expected to become colder. Snow will moreso impact passes Dec 23-26. For those traveling, keep tripcheck.com handy and check it often.

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