Lots of rain on the way; breezy-windy too!

November 29, 2023

While the upcoming rain may not be welcomed by some with all the scheduled events this upcoming weekend, we're finally going to get some much needed rain. At least three storm systems will bring 2-3" of back-to-back rain (maybe a brief break or two) from late Thursday morning or afternoon through Sunday. Expect it to be breezy with wind gusts of 20-30 mph likely (especially Sat/Sun). Snow levels above 3000'. Yet another storm may move in on Monday or Tuesday. Looking MUCH colder later next week. More on the cold in a few days.

Scroll down and check out the informational charts. You'll quickly see that the snow pack isn't doing too well (but plenty of time to make it up). The KNND weather station downtown shows that we're BEHIND by 5.52" of precipitation - and that's just for the month of November! Normal rainfall for November is 6.92"; we've only recorded 1.40".

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