Just some flakes or a light dusting overnight, below freezing temperatures

January 28, 2023

Snow levels through this evening will stay above 2000', then lower to near 500 feet after 11:00pm. This system has very little moisture, so showers today and this evening will total less than 1/10". Any snow between 11pm tonight and 6:00am Sunday will be either as just some flakes to possibly a light dusting of about an inch or less.

Temperatures will drop below freezing tonight so whatever precipitation occurs to 11:00pm will likely become frozen overnight. Therefore Sunday morning, expect the possibility of ice on roads, sidewalks, etc. It'll also be breezy on Sunday so the windchill effect will make it feel much colder on the body. Temperatures will climb to above freezing after 11:00am Sunday but then fall to 15-20° Sunday night / Monday morning. This means expect icy pavement again on Monday morning. Highs in the 30's Monday, but Monday night / Tuesday morning expect low/mid 20's so it will again be icy Tuesday morning. Probably icy Wednesday morning too. Next chance of rain: Friday.

Please bring pets inside. Animals need to be able to maintain their body warmth, and will not be able to do so outside. Freezing temperatures and/or breezes will make it impossible to stay warm.

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