It sure is muggy!

June 9, 2022

Thursday Update: Doesn't it feel muggy? Updated and better data coming in supports periods of mainly light rain/showers tonight through Sunday with extended dry breaks likely. As of the time of this post, the BEST chances of rainfall is Friday afternoon/evening to about 8:00am Saturday and again Sunday morning. Keep in mind that we can certainly see showers outside of these times, but the best chances for steadier rain / showers are withing the aforementioned times. The chance that we'll hear a rumble of thunder is extremely low.

Total rainfall through Sunday ranges from 1/4" to 1". As I've said in previous posts, this is a complex pattern and therefore uncertainties exist as to the total amount of rain we'll get. Don't be surprised if we end up with extended dry breaks.

Winds 20 mph or less, Sunday looks to be the breeziest day at this time.

It feels muggy out because tropical/subtropical moisture is being directed into the Pac NW. Check out the satellite image for a better understanding:

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