It rained and rained and... Final Post for

December 5, 2023

Tuesday Dec 5: *Please see the last paragraph regarding this being the final post in this group* As of 4:00pm today, the area has seen between 3.50 and 5.50" of rainfall, depending on which weather station you look at. When November closed out, we were running about 5" behind of rainfall. Yes, we've "made" it up, but we normally see 7.37" of precipitation for December. Between another inch and a half to around two inches of additional rainfall can be expected through Sunday.

High pressure will then build in and just about all (if not all) of next week should be dry but with slightly below normal temps. Why are the rivers running fast and high? Simply put, the storms Nov 28-30 dropped lower elevation snow but then the storms became warmer storms with heavy "warm" rains which have rapidly melted a lot of the snow below 7000'. This rapid snow melt has nowhere to go except into the rivers, and it doesn't help that more rain is on the way either. The storms have been "warm" because they've had a subtropical moisture feed that has extended to north of Hawaii. So warm "tropical-ish" air was aimed/transported into the PacNW. Warmer air hold more water and kaboom - we got lots of rain within a short period of time.

FINAL POST: This will be my last post. It has been a pleasure to share with you weather information. We've had discussions and laughed a little. It's like we're one big family. And no BS in this group, either. We all got along and respected each other! My wife retired after being a nurse for 30 years and we moved to the coast. For me, I don't think I'll ever retire from Meteorology so I continue to do my day job out of my home office. In one week, December 12, I'll look into archiving this group so that it doesn't just "sit." Much love to you all and I'd say this has been a pretty darn good run! Love you all!

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