I promise: Dry Monday through next weekend!

June 19, 2022

Sunday: Y'all ready for dry weather and lots of sunshine? Mainly dry today with just a sprinkle or brief light shower into the afternoon. DRY MONDAY - FRIDAY AND NEXT WEEKEND! The weather pattern is finally going to switchover to what is more typical for this time of year. In fact, through the Independence Day holiday weekend, dry weather is expected to prevail with only a day or two having shower chances (June 28-29, as it looks right now). I don't see any heatwaves (highs above 90) through early July.

Summer Solstice (astronomical) occurs on Tuesday at 2:13am. Sunrise 5:30, sunset 8:58. Daylight will gradually become less. The Meteorological Summer (tied to temperatures) began on June 1.

IMAGE BELOW Through July 4, model ensembles are on board with below normal precipitation. In other words, there's a high likelihood that dry weather will now be the theme (expect for a weak system possibly slipping through around June 28-29):

IMAGE BELOW▼ Data probabilities strongly favors near to slightly above normal temperatures for the "seasonal period" of July - August - September:

DROUGHT: Take a look at the drought numbers! Typically, we don't see any improvements to any drought after May 1. In fact, if we have a below normal season, drought numbers typically worsen after April 1. Not this year. All the extra, anomalous late season rain we've had had made major improvements to our drought and will likely save us from what otherwise would be a dangerous fire season.

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