Hot today but MUCH cooler tomorrow!

July 5, 2023

WEDNESDAY HEATWAVE UPDATE: We hit 95° yesterday. We're starting the day out at about 2-3° warmer than this same time yesterday, so expect upper 90's today (Wednesday) but I PROMISE it will be much cooler tomorrow. At some point later this afternoon or evening, the wind direction will switch and start blowing cooler marine air into our area. When this happens, you'll notice it become breezy with winds blowing from a westerly direction.

High temps through the middle of next week will vary in the low and middle 80's. High temps for Bohemia Mining Days (end of next week) look to be somewhere around the mid to upper 80's. As it looks right now, after today I don't see strong high pressure building back into our area over the next 10-14 days so high temps should stay below 90°. Not set in stone, but how it looks now. FIRE DANGER RATING IS HIGH.

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