Fire & Weather Update

May 28, 2023


Scroll down to see photos of the fire. The "7K" fire is 10 miles southwest of Venita and is at just over 300 acres. Per ODF, at 7:00am Sunday, the fire was 40% contained. Contained means how much of a line around the fire has been completed so that it cannot further spread. This does not mean how much of the fire is put out.

SMOKE: In Cottage Grove, we got lucky on Saturday since the winds blew mainly from a southerly and easterly direction. This pushed the smoke away from us (the northerly wind direction that was expected didn't materialize). Today (Sunday), winds are expected to shift this afternoon or evening and blow from the north/northwest. Therefore, smoke has a better chance of being transported into Cottage Grove today (especially if winds shift and blow from the NW). IF winds shift as currently expected and we do end up getting a good push of smoke into Cottage Grove, you can see the Air Quality at

RAIN? Looking dry over the next 10-days. Some hints that the pattern may start to change around June 7 so we "may" be talking about light shower chances at some point.

Scroll below through the photos. Check out the "firenadoes" (think of it as a dust devil but with fire and/or smoke). Fascinating?

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