Been enjoying the nice Spring weather over these past several days? Mild temps continue today, but a weak storm system will clip the area this afternoon and evening, causing some mainly isolated light showers (0.00-0.05"). No wind concerns, snow levels above 3500'. Dry Sunday through Wednesday, but Sunday morning and Monday morning will be a bit chilly (lows mid-30's).

Thursday through Saturday, a couple of weak storms will pass through but rainfall will be very light from isolated to scattered showers (steady rain unlikely). Sunday of next week looks dry. At this time I don't see any significant storms through the end of the month, but a rainy pattern may kick in around May 3 (preliminary). Statewide snowpack is 83-117% of average, precipitation here in Cottage Grove is at 37.39" (normal is 37.42").

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Dry with plenty of sunshine through Friday, but it will be cold the next two nights / mornings with some frost (then warmer). On Saturday, a weak low pressure system may sneak through high pressure and cause just a few very light showers (otherwise, Saturday will be mostly dry). Sunday through Wednesday of next week looks dry right now. Take a look at the 10-day temperature chart below.

Wednesday night of next week (April 24), our mostly dry stretch of weather will probably come to an end with shower chances. Two or three additional storm systems may then affect us at times through the first few days of May. At this time, I don't see any of these storms being strong, very windy, excessively cold, or dropping a lot of rain (may change). We're also at the time of year when thunderstorms are easier to form (more sunlight warms the ground = increased instability from warm air rising). So don't be surprised if you hear a clap or two of thunder under the right circumstances when there's a storm system passing through.

It's Thursday! Expect mainly light showers after midnight and continuing through Sunday morning. There will be some dry breaks. Driest period looks to be Friday evening through Saturday morning; wettest Saturday afternoon to sunrise Sunday. Total rainfall between early Friday morning and noon Sunday looks to be around 1/3" (0.33"). A small chance of a thunderstorm will exist, especially Friday afternoon/evening. Snow levels should generally stay above 5000'. No wind concerns.

Check out the charts/maps below for some good info - notice the temperature 'Roller Coaster." Cottage Grove has recorded 36.82" of precipitation since the start of the water year on Oct 1. Normal to date is 36.76", so this and the snowpack are looking good (at least for now). FYI, it looks more dry than wet through April 25.

Eclipse begins Monday at 10:26am, ends at 12:17pm. Maximum eclipse occurs at 11:20am when about 26% of the sun will be blocked by the moon. It will be dry but 1/4-1/2 of the sky is expected to have clouds so there may or may not be a break to see the sun. REMEMBER TO NEVER LOOK AT THE SUN DURING AN ECLIPSE WITHOUT SPECIAL ECLIPSE GLASSES (not sunglasses nor the "eclipse" gum package as shown in the above picture).

It will be more dry than wet over the next 10-days. Dry Monday through Thursday afternoon, then light shower chances Thursday evening and Friday. Saturday looks dry right now then maybe a light shower or two on Sunday. Warming trend through Thursday then cooler for Friday through the weekend.

The map below shows info for the Total Eclipse on April 8 (we won't notice much here). If you're traveling to see it, be safe and enjoy! Today will be the third day this year that we've reached 70° or above (Jan 28 we hit 71, yesterday (Apr 1) was 70, and today near 75). Big cool down tomorrow (highs 25° cooler!) as a cold low pressure system that's currently in the Gulf of Alaska slides down through the PacNW and into Cali, bringing in much colder air. Expect periods of showers tonight through Saturday with a few lingering showers on Sunday. There will be dry stretches. Between tonight and sunset Sunday, rain gauges will have recorded 1/2-1" of total rainfall. It's possible that we could see some ice pellets, hail, and a rumble of thunder. Snow levels will be lowest on Thursday and Friday mornings, possibly dipping down to 1200-1500' (just a dusting). At this time, all or most of next week is looking dry with plenty of sunshine and nice spring weather.

Wishing you a Happy Easter! Dry, nice, and mild through Tuesday. Colder and showery Wednesday through next weekend with snow levels fluctuating at 1200-3000'. Total rainfall Wednesday through next weekend around 1/2-3/4", which isn't much. There will also be some breaks and peaks of sun. It's Spring!

Can't rule out a few light showers today 2pm-midnight, otherwise dry through Tuesday. Saturday and Easter Sunday, expect plenty of sunshine, and near normal temps (nights/mornings will be chilly). Warmer Mon/Tue (check out the temperature chart). Turning colder starting Wednesday, as a few cold storms begin affecting the region. The storms next week don't look very wet but snow levels could be down to 1500-2000' at times (significant snow unlikely). Hey, at least this Easter Weekend will be dry with sunshine. Last year on Easter, we had just a few light showers, the high temp was 56, and the morning low was 44.

More or less, typical Spring weather can be expected over the next 7-10 days. Periods of rain & showers through Thursday, isolated showers on Friday (1/2-1"). Dry here Saturday, Easter Sunday, and Monday before light shower chances temps return later Tuesday. Cooler starting next Wednesday. Having family or going out of town for Easter? No significant travel impacts across WA/OR/ID/NV/CA (Cali will have some rain but nothing major).

Since the start of the water year on Oct 1, Cottage Grove has recorded 34.76" of precipitation; normal to date is 34.27. Snowpack across most of Oregon varies at 102-125% of average. Just 9% of Oregon is in a drought, all of which is just east of the Cascades (Bend to Klamath Falls). Back on Oct 1, when the water year started, 54% of the state was in a drought.

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Thursday March 21: Rainy pattern returns but looking dry for Easter Sunday (March 31) through about April 3. Four storms will affect the entire region/state through Sat March 30, bringing around 2" of total rainfall between now and then. Wind gusts should stay at 20 mph or less, which isn't strong. Snow levels above 5000' through Friday then 3000-4000' Saturday onward. Can't rule out a thunderstorm here - especially Friday/Saturday. Cooler Saturday through next week, but lows well above freezing. More or less typical Spring weather.

Snowpack across the entire state is over 100% of average. Check out the precipitation map. Normal high/low temp 58/36. Sunrise 7:12am, sunset 7:27pm.

It's been a while (out of town). Looking dry through Tuesday and probably most or all of Wednesday (scattered showers Wed). A rainy pattern then returns on Thursday night, so Fri/Sat will be wet but no wind or low level (below 3000') snow concerns. A total of three to four storms will affect our region between Thursday and the end of the month (nothing drastic or extremely cold). Looking ahead to Easter Sunday, March 31, at this time it appears that it'll be wet and cool (may change).

Snowpack looks great (see map below) and so does rainfall! We've recorded 34.11" of rain since the start of the water year on Oct 1. Normal to date is 33.05", so we're sitting really good right now. Model data suggests another 2" of rain is possible through the end of the month, so we'll be walking into April with strong precipitation numbers.

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