Breezy, possibly windy but little rain...

January 4, 2023

Afternoon data today (Wednesday) suggests it can get breezy tonight with some gusts to 20 mph (nothing to be concerned about). But on Thursday, stronger winds above us MAY mix down to the surface. Therefore, wind gusts on Thursday have the potential to be in the 30-35 mph range from the morning through the afternoon. It's not 100% that we will see 35 mph winds in Cottage Grove, but the possibility exists if the low pressure system aligns just right as latest data suggests. Regarding rain, 1/3" or less. Snow levels well above the passes.

Storm door stays wide open through at least Jan 14 with six storms passing through. Right now we're about 4" behind in rainfall, but the good news is that the snow pack is at over 100% of average.

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