Bohemia Mining Days, Fire, Drought, What Lies Ahead

July 15, 2021

All eyes are now on Bohemia Mining days this Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy relatively cooler high temperatures today and Friday (78-83). For BMD, expect nice weather with daytime temperatures near to a slightly above the normal of 84 degrees. Sunday will be the warmest day. Don't forget to put on sunblock! Here's the link to the BMD weather station located at the information center (Opal Park):


Jack Fire (east of Roseburg) has burned nearly 14,000 acres and is 20% contained.

Bootleg Fire (northeast of Klamath Falls) is massive at over 227,000 acres. The smoke from this fire has got dragged into the jet stream and has been seen over the skies of Michigan and southern Canada! It is only 5% contained and may burn until decent September rains move in.


100% of Oregon is in a drought. Drought severity has been worsening with each weekly update of the Drought Monitor. So much so that this may be the second worst drought for Oregon, since records began. Drought will continue to worsen until our rains kick in this fall. La Nina this past winter/spring had a major impact on our below normal rainfall/snow.

What Lies Ahead:

Although La Nina dissipated during this past spring, chances are increasing that La Nina may form again this fall/winter. This is not all that uncommon. In fact we even have a name for it: "La Nina Double-Dip." I'll be sure to post updates in August as to how it's looking for a "La Nina Double-Dip" and what to possibly expect this fall/winter/spring. I will say, that, a "La Nina Double Dip" is usually a "weak" event. Although La Nina briefly peaked in the "moderate" strength category this past winter/spring, it mostly hovered in the high end "weak" class. Across Oregon, "weak" La Nina's typical result in below normal precipitation.

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