BAD NEWS: Heatwave. GOOD NEWS: Much cooler temps likely, starting Sat Aug 19.

August 11, 2023
  • HEATWAVE UPDATE: The very latest data has increased probabilities for our area hitting 100° or higher Sunday through Wednesday. Hottest days should be Mon-Wed (101°-104° likely). Overnight lows will also be mild (see temperature chart).
  • FIRE DANGER RATING worsens from the current HIGH to EXTREME beginning Saturday. ODF's restriction chart is below.
  • GOOD NEWS is that data signals have been very consistent with this stubborn high pressure getting kicked out of the way by several low pressure systems beginning Saturday or Sunday Aug 19/20. At this time it doesn't look like any of these will bring showers to our are (may change), but we will certainly see cooler temperatures. Based on what I'm seeing with the expected pattern change down the road, I think we'll start seeing highs vary mainly between the upper 70's to low 80's as early as Sunday Aug 20 (could still see a few days here and there in the middle 80's).
  • STATISTICS: The last time we had high temps over 100° was back on August 12, 2021. Remember our record breaking 108° on June 27, 2021? Last year (2022) we hit 100° only once and just had a couple of days at 98/99. We haven't had any 100° days yet this year, but that's obviously going to change in a few days. If you think this summer has been unusually warm and humid, you're not wrong. Since June 1, high temps have been at or below normal just 8 days (11%). In other words 89% (63 days out of 71) of high temperatures this summer have been above normal! *Meteorological Summer is June 1-Aug 31.
  • ANIMAL SAFETY: Sadly, dog houses become ovens in the sun and is therefore inadequate shelter. Animals need access to full shade such as inside the house or a large fully shaded area that's not enclosed. And fresh, cool water (outside water bowls get hot fairly quick). The pavement will easily exceed 135-160° from noon to 7pm. At 125° skin destruction on paws occur in less than 60 seconds. Before walking fido, feel the pavement for 7-seconds with your hands or bare feet. If it's too hot for you, then it's magnified 10x for them.
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