Ahh, Fall is finally here!

September 14, 2022

Enjoying the cool crisp mornings? Interesting weather pattern coming up for Friday through Sunday. To rain or not to rain is the difficult question to answer. This is because the low pressure system that will approach Oregon early Friday is going to be cut-off from the jet stream (in meteorology, we call this a "cut-off low pressure system"). These systems sort of have a mind of their own, wobble around, and make for complicated forecasts.

Currently, there's two possible solutions:

1. The storm system comes in from the west and brings us our first widespread rain of the season, or,

2. The system wobbles offshore and moves south, pushing into northern or central California. Then moves inland and spins around to the north into Oregon next Tuesday or Wednesday. *This is the favored track*

In any case, expect varying amounts of clouds Friday through Sunday and slightly cooler high temperatures (upper 60's on Saturday?). Some breezes, but no wind concerns.

Water year coming to an end. September 30th is the last day of the 2021-22 water year, which runs October 1st - September 30th. We've recorded 42.80" of precipitation since Oct 1, 2021. Normal water year precip is 45.43". We reset the rain gauge to 0.00" on October 1st.

Looking ahead, current model data suggests another couple of weak systems possibly coming through around Sat Sept 24 and Tue Sept 27. Right now these systems don't look like big rain makers, if they pass through as currently modeled. Stay tuned!

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