A dusting to 1-3" still possible nights/mornings to 11:00am Monday...

March 1, 2024

There's no question that cold air is currently in place. And more is coming in via two low pressure systems that will continue affecting the region through Monday morning. This will support fair to good chances for us to see a dusting to 1 to 3 inches of snow each night and morning through before noon Monday. Outside of these timeframes, some of the heavier showers during the day (through Sunday) could briefly cause snow levels to lower down to near 600 feet. Ice pellets are also possible.

A third low pressure system will begin affecting the area just after sunrise Monday morning and exit the region Monday night. The previously mentioned snow chances on Monday prior to noon are because the moisture from this storm will be arriving during the morning, when cold air will be in place. After noon on Monday, area snow levels are expected to rise to at least above 1500-2000', ending any further chances for snow in Cottage Grove.

High temperatures through Tuesday will be 40-45 and lows will bottom out at around 28 to 32 – ish.

It can still get breezy at times with wind gusts to 20 or 25 mph. Strong winds are highly unlikely in Cottage Grove / Creswell.

Up to two to three feet of additional snow is possible in the mountains with the highest amounts being above 4000 feet.

Dry weather is expected by noon Tuesday and may continue through the rest of next week and into the following weekend. Except there may be a little hiccup on Thursday with a weak storm system from the north clipping our area with just some light showers. It will also continue to be cold after Tuesday, with highs in the mid 40's to around 50 and lows around 28-33 each night.

Pets left outside will be unable to maintain their body warmth, please remember to bring them inside. During the day, a temperature of 40° and a breeze of 10 mph drops the wind-chill to right near freezing. A temperature of 35° and a breeze of just 5 mph drops the wind-chill to below freezing (30°).

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